The Secret Guide To Spades Royale

Spades Royale is a simulator of the well-known American card game. It allows you to engage in a game with players from all over the world in real-time. Learn the rules and take first positions on the leaderboard.

1 month agoMain screen. This screen has all the buttons that allow you to switch between gaming activities, the store, and other information. The homepage’s center is games tables and arenas in different game modes. To the left are events for games and special promotions.

The top part of the screen is home to the option to take you to the menu. The menu also has an indicator of the level of your game as well as a roulette wheel and your balance. The buttons at the bottom of your screen allow you to access the game room, the daily tasks list, album, friends, and an opportunity to earn a time bonus.

Name. Name. You’ll be playing as a guest and should enter your name or nickname to enable other players to recognize you. Click on the avatar in the upper left corner, then click on the pencil icon, and type in your name. Developers can block your account if you make use of an insult to substitute your name.

Avatar. The game offers fairly comprehensive options for the avatar’s appearance such as appearance and clothes. Choose the gender, skin tone and facial shape, then choose hairstyle, clothes and accessories. Certain accessories are available for use after an appropriate degree.

Settings. You can alter the sound effects, volume, and send notifications through the tab located in the upper left corner. If you have questions or issues regarding the game, please contact support.

Level. You can improve your game level by getting experience points. You’ll earn a certain amount of experience points following each game. This number depends on whether you lose or win. Additionally, you’ll be able to participate in games dependent on the level you are at. For example, Missions and the Album are available for level 10 players.

Statistics. To view the winning odds of different game modes, click on the avatar icon. It also displays the results of your last five games. The letter L stands for an loss, while the letter W is for a win.

Daily bonus You get free coins every day that you play the game. The amount of coins you get is contingent on three elements:

The number of days when you enter the game can range between 100 and 350 coins.

The prizes in the slot machine are from 50 to 1000 coins.

The amount of friends is between 60- 2400 coins.

Time bonus. The timer at the lower right of your screen, in the middle is counting down until you receive the bonus. There is a chance to earn free coins every 4 hours. In the beginning 250 coins will be given away. As the number of coins increases and the coins are distributed, the quantity will go up.

Level. A small amount of reward is given for increasing the game level for the player. An additional 150 coins are transferred to your account every time you reach level 10. You will have 1500 coins at no cost at level 10.

Daily tasks. Every day you’ll be assigned three tasks that must be completed slowly each one in turn. You will be given coins each time a task is completed. You could win a massive reward if you can complete the three tasks in 24 hours.

Facebook. You get 500 coins just for joining social networks. Visit the Free coins tab at the bottom left and then complete the authorization. After that, you can also use the photo as your avatar.

Invitation. You could earn 10,000 coins for each person you invite. To do this you must invite your friend to join the game by using the link that you have sent him, or enter a unique number to confirm your acquaintance. You’ll be rewarded when your friend does the actions you’ve requested.

Friends. Friends can exchange gifts every day with coins. You can do this by clicking on the Free coins option in the lower right corner. Give coins to friends and then collect your gifts.

Advertising. The clapperboard icon can be seen in the upper right corner. By clicking it, you can play an advertisement and earn 100 coins in exchange for. While loading, you might also be able to see an advertisement.